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Join Shelby Young (Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Baby Shark's Big Show!, Wolfenstein Youngblood) and Joe Brogie (The Beat Buds: Let's Jam!, Fire Emblem, Injustice 2) on a four-week voiceover journey VIA ZOOM.




March 9th, 6:30-9PM (pst) - Intro to Animation

Shelby and Joe will discuss the in's and out's of the animation world. What makes a read competetive, how to do your "homework" and figuring out your strengths. Each participent will get a chance to perform two pieces of animtaion copy live on Zoom. Copy will be sent out the night before class. Class ends with a Q & A.


March 16th, 6:30-9PM (pst) - Intro to Gaming

Battle barks, efforts, being "grounded" - just a few important things to know about voicing video games. Once again, Shelby and Joe will send out copy a day or so before class. Students can pick two pieces they wish to work on and perform live. Q & A to follow! 


March 23rd, 6:30-9PM (pst) - Cold Reading

From fast-turnaround auditions to being in the booth and receiving your copy two seconds before going into record, cold reading is an integral skill to have in the voiceover world. No copy will be given ahead of time; we will assign as we go. Q & A ends this class!


March 30th, 6:30-9PM (pst) - Mock Auditions 

This time, you'll be in charge of recording your own reads and submitting them to us prior to class (don't worry about equipment, phone recordings work fine!). We'll send out copy days in advance so you have time to practice the skills we've worked on, on your own. We'll go through and listen to everyone's reads and collectively "cast" the part!



Due to limited spots, we are unable to offer any refunds at this time.  Thank you for understanding.

Class Registration

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