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w h a t ' s  n e w ?

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Not only did Shelby provide both the voice and mocap for mischievous Norn, Skuld, she can also be heard voicing additional characters throughout this multiple award winning, smash-hit title. In addition, Shelby was thrilled to assist behind the scenes, providing her talents for previz shoots and helping out as a reader in the casting office.

In a galaxy far, far away...
Shelby is ecstatic to be back
voicing Princess Leia Organa
in this highly anticipated title.

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 1.18.20 PM cop

Baby Shark's Big Show!


As a life-long Ghostbuster fan, Shelby was honored to have the opportunity to lend her voice to
the iconic Stay Puft Mini
Marshmallow's in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Lego Star Wars:
The Skywalker Saga

Ghostbusters Afterlife

God of War: Raganrök

Listen for Shelby recurring as
Rayna Manta (and a multitude of other underwater friends) on Nickelodeon's hit series, Baby Shark's Big Show! 

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