h a v e  y o u  h e a r d ?

Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Shelby is thrilled to voice both Princess Leia Organa and Princess Kneesaa the Ewok in this Disney + & Disney's Youtube animated series featuring your favorite Star Wars heroines!

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Shelby provided both voice and mocap to bring the lead, playable character of Soph Blazkowicz to life in the newest installment of the award-winning and beloved Wolfenstein series. Fun fact: Shelby filmed all of her mocap sequences for Youngblood in Sweden!

Cave Club™

You can hear Shelby as Emberly, the fiery, unofficial leader of Mattel's newest IP, "Cave Club"™! Brand new episodes air every Friday on Youtube Kids! 

Onmyoji Arena

Shelby is the English VA for  Takiyasha Hime in the stunning mobile game Onmyoji Arena. Available to play now!

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