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Baby Shark's Big Show!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Listen for Shelby as
Rayna Manta (and a variety of other character's) on Nickelodeon's new series, Baby Shark's Big Show! New episodes air every Friday on Nick JR!

You can hear Shelby guest star as
Captain Bragg and Lenk on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, now streaming on Disney Plus!

Star Wars Forces of Destiny


Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Shelby provided both voice and mocap to bring the lead, playable character of Soph Blazkowicz to life in the newest installment of the award-winning and beloved Wolfenstein series. Fun fact: Shelby filmed all of her mocap sequences for Youngblood in Sweden!


Shelby is thrilled to voice both Princess Leia Organa and Princess Kneesaa the Ewok in this Disney + & Disney's Youtube animated series featuring your favorite Star Wars heroines!